Being Married

This week I celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary. The time is flying—I remember my wedding day like it was yesterday. 

Choosing to spend the rest of my life with this man was the biggest commitment I ever made. It’s actually the first commitment I ever made. All other contracts never required me to think further than a year into the future; my jobs, my lease, my new glasses could all change in the coming months. But not this guy…

Both my parents divorced—twice. My family is full of divorce, separation, or couples that have contemplated divorce way too many times. For that reason, I don’t take marriage very lightly. 

Social media is full of people talking about how they have the best marriage and best husband ever. Then you talk to them about their relationship and you start to wonder what the definition of best is. And it makes me nervous to join in because I don’t want my marriage to just look good but to actually be good.

My marriage has been an insane adventure! And like any other amazing adventure, it is full of ups & downs, tears & sweat and celebrations & frustrations. And though our marriage is still quite young, I do think that we are definitely doing some things very right. 

My favorite aspect of my marriage is that both my husband and I have complete freedom to be 100% ourselves while at the same time being that person that the other needs. I can’t say that either of us have changed over the past two years, but we have definitely grown. I have become a wife and he has become a husband. Those are for sure qualities that neither of us possessed before. 

Marriage is the ultimate community. I will never be more united with anyone as much as I am with this man. So I am confident that as I grow as a wife, I am only growing as a person who will do the community better. 

And I am so thankful and blessed for my husband who encourages my growth each and every day.


6 thoughts on “Being Married

  1. I love this post!
    I’m not married yet, but I agree with you on the ability to be yourself aspect as a characteristic of a healthy union.

    I was in a relationship before, and I couldn’t fully be myself, and it was such an uncomfortable and stressful feeling…

    Now I am with someone who thinks I’m awesome, and loves every aspect of my personality, so it is effortless to be myself! And it is this that makes me feel as though I can spend the rest of my life with this guy… It’s just easy for us to be around each other.

    God bless you and your husband!


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