A Princess’ Prayer Life

Last week at church, I had to share about prayer.

I was surprisingly really nervous to share my view on prayer. Maybe I would offend someone with my fairly out of the box view on prayer… at least out of the box for my church that really really likes boxes.

To explain my prayer life, I must first tell you about The Little Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie. I’m sure most of you have seen it. The mermaid, Ariel, is a teenage princess who wants to be human. But instead of talking to her father, the King, about it… she sneaks around and falls in love with a human. When he finds out, he obviously gets upset. The mermaid decides he’ll never understand and takes matters into her own hands. She makes a deal with the sea witch, Ursula, to become a human. Of course everything goes terribly! At the end, her father has to get involved. He sacrifices everything for her by taking her place as Ursula’s captive. But thankfully, they manage to kill Ursula. Then the father realizes how much Ariel wants to be human and changes her.

Much like Ariel, I dream of doing something, but I keep it to myself. And then I start trying to make it happen only for things to go absolutely terribly! Then God, my King and my Father, swoops in and sacrifices everything to save me.

And each time God saves me, I wonder why I didn’t just go to Him in the first place.

Prayer is not sending a list of requests to an unseen distant God. Like Ariel, I am the daughter of a King who loves me very much. So I don’t need to fear Him or hide from Him or take matters in my own hands.

When I pray, I picture myself approaching the King and His throne with reverence but confidence. And like all princesses should, I run up and jump on His lap. Then I share my heart, as any true daughter should, while listening to my Father share His heart with me.

I remember when I was in grade school and I would ask my mom for money for either a field trip or to buy something that I thought I needed. And my mom would share with me her budget; she would tell me how much all the bills cost, how much money she needed and explain why she had to say no. Like a good parent, she listened to me share my heart and then she shared her heart with me.

I don’t know why we expect God to say yes to everything if we don’t even listen to what’s going on in His heart.

Prayer is a conversation. A beautiful, inspiring and motivating conversation that every child should have with their parent.


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