What Really Matters

In the wake of current events, my social media has been flooded with people posting “JE SUIS CHARLIE”.

But I am not Charlie.

My heart is broken for those murdered, those injured & their families.

My heart is broken for all the non-violent Muslims who must apologize and recant this terrible act.

My heart is also broken for the Muslims who felt that this was the way to defend their religion.

But I am not Charlie.

I believe in the freedom of the press. I believe that we should be allowed to share information that will raise awareness, support & understanding for those things we do not know or understand. I believe stories should be told & shared to bring our world together.

But I am not Charlie.

I do not believe in openly mocking that which someone holds very very sacred. I do not believe that someone’s religion, race, culture, gender or sexual orientation should be “ridiculed”.

As someone who holds my faith very close to me, I have such a hard time seeing how Muslims are treated. Islam does not kill people, people kill people. Islam does not promote terrorism or senseless killing of innocent people. And either does Christianity… But let us not forget all the killing that has been done & continues to happen in the name of that religion

I am not Charlie.

But I will also not be silent about the things that matter.

Everyone matters.


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