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Can it really already be 2015?! My life has been a blur since 2006… the days, months and years are flying by. And though I’ve known this for awhile, I haven’t been doing anything about it.

I turned thirty 6-months ago… I took that milestone very seriously and forced myself to step outside of my comfort zone through a 30-day challenge. I spent the days before my birthday doing things I had always procrastinated on or was to afraid to do. But my true test came when I was invited to give a sermon on my birthday experience. I spent weeks organizing my story. And as I recited my sermon to myself, I was filled with a fierce passion to speak.

And then I remembered that awkward 16-year-old girl who had a dream to speak in front of thousands.

As I got older, the pace of my life changed so quickly that my dreams were hidden; locked away in a dusty corner. But my dreams have been reignited.

I will write. I will speak. I will inspire.

Which of your passions need to be reignited in 2015?

Holidays and milestones are wonderful opportunities to reflect on how far we’ve come (because you have come far… whether you’ve realized it or not) and to refocus. So many people just think about their physical accomplishments… losing weight, dieting and hitting the gym. But we were created for more than just looking good. We were created for more than just feeling good. We were created to be good. We were created for a purpose. And trust that the purpose is something that you are passionate about.


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